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Sex Pot 2009

Sex Pot

Year: 2009

Directors: Eric Forsberg

Genres: Adventure,Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 302

Rating: 3.00

Cast: Julie: Sarah Agor; Nancy: Elina Madison; Mr. Green: Chad Nell; Bikini Jane: Becky T. Bordo; Spanky: Rollin Perry; Mert: Seth Cassell; Strawberry: Rana Davis; Princess: Michelle Penick; Cindy: Christine Nguyen; Pinky: Lindsey Ahern; Leah: Lola Forsberg; Ellen: Teryl Brouillette; Priest: Ken Kreps; Max: Jack Ross; Buster: Myles Cranford


Storyline: Two slackers find themselves in high heaven when they discover a magic bag of weed that will arouse anyone who smokes it. They decide to seduce some ladies at a party in Malibu, but first they’ll have to get past some enterprising robbers, hungry hookers, and angry ex-girlfriends.

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