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Sexual Malice

Sexual Malice

Year: 1994

Genres: Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 131

Rating: 3.7

Cast: Albert Edward; Dorfmann Rob; Jeffery Doug; Laughlin John; Mathers Jerry; McKay Cole S.; McQueen Chad; Roe Matt; Swayze Don; Tanner Richard; Barton Diana; Phillips Samantha; Salkin Karen; Shower Kathy; Dark Gregory; Garroni Andrew W.; Gernert Walter; Suttle Craig Thurman; Austin Carl; Mundhra Jag; Mathers James; Irwin Ashley; Delgado Lothar; Delgado Ricardo; Vandermeulen Kert; Bird Deborah; Cohen J.J.; Gernert Herbert; Guignard Cossette; Hanna Ed; Jordan Elizabeth; Jorgensen Petra; Przykucki Krystoff; Schlenker Michael Todd; Silver Phil; Spiegel Marc E.; Martin Blair


Storyline: Unsatisfied by her boring marriage, Christine begins an affair with a seductive, mysterious stranger named Quinn. But they get carried away with their passion, when lust becomes obsession … and murder. It seems someone wants to frame Christine who could it be?
Christine and Richard are a successful married couple. She works in a big office and he is a professor at a nearby university. She is bored, complaining that her husband is always so busy with work that he has no time for her. While at a party, she stumbles into a room by accident to see a man kissing a woman’s legs. (This clue helps solve the mystery). Afterwards, she visits her husband in his office at the university, where she sees a young pretty blond student in a short skirt revealing more of her thighs to her husband, hoping to get a better mark. Christine is suspicious, so decides to go on a trip with her friend to another city, where they attend a male strip joint. During the performance, Christine’s friend slips Christine’s room key into the stripper’s underwear, who pays her a visit that night. She has an affair with him, and returns to her office, where the stripper gives her a dirty phone call to which she responds to. She meets her lover under the docks and has another affair with him. Afterwards, she goes to his motel room, has yet another affair, and tries to get to know him, to which he refuses to even reveal his name. Rejected, she goes back to her husband, and they do it in the hot tub. Afterwards, the police drop by, saying the stripper was killed and there was a gun with her fingerprints left behind. She is confined to jail, and asks her brother for help. Her brother goes back to her house, and sees a strange man kissing her best friend’s legs. When the man gets up, he sees its her husband.

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