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Sexy Beast 2000

Sexy Beast

Year: 2000


Genres: Crime,Drama

Countries: Spain,UK

Votes: 13261

Rating: 7.00

Cast: Gary ‘Gal’ Dove: Ray Winstone; Don Logan: Ben Kingsley; Teddy Bass: Ian McShane; Harry: James Fox; Aitch: Cavan Kendall; Enrique: Бlvaro Monje; Andy: Robert Atiko; Pilot: Enrique Alemбn Fabrega; Spanish Official: Gйrard Barray; Felipe’s Friend 1: Josй Maria Cano Ramos; Policia 2: Santiago Frias Munoz; Ginger Air Steward: Josй Hernбndez; Jimmy: Andy Lucas; Policia 1: Josй Lirola Ramos; Felipe’s Friend #2: Josй Lуpez Carrillo

Taglines: Sometimes It’s Hard To Say No
There’s a bit of the beast in all of us.

Storyline: Spain. Gal has retired from the gangster life, and is sunning himself placidly beside the pool at his villa when a boulder comes crashing by, barely missing him. Soon, he and his pal Aitch, together with their wives Deedee and Jackie, are being threatened by a human boulder, Don Logan. Logan wants Gal for a high stakes vault break-in in London (masterminded by the cool and suave Teddy Bass), and he will not take no for an answer. Nevertheless, that’s exactly the answer Gal keeps giving him, even as Don gets more and more threatening. Meanwhile, Gal is plagued by dreams of a menacing, hairy beast. Just how far will Don (and Gal) go in this battle of wills? And what of Enrique, the pool boy?

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