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Shaft in Africa

Shaft in Africa

Year: 1973

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama,Adventure

Countries: USA

Votes: 1115

Rating: 5.7

Cast: Baptiste Thomas; Chevron Jon; Edwards Glynn; Eshetu Debebe; Falana A.V.; Finlay Frank; Focбs Spiros; Grant Cy; Herlin Jacques; Jhenkins Jho; Jonah Willie; Lastretti Adolfo; Maitland Marne; Marin Jacques; McRae Frank; Myers James E.; Roundtree Richard; Sambrell Aldo; Sawalha Nadim; Zaran Nick; Arneric Neda; McGee Vonetta; Tadesse Zenebech; Dupont Renй; Lewis Roger; Silliphant Stirling; Tidyman Ernest; Grignon Marcel; Pate Johnny; Guillermin John; Benedict Max; Jenkins Horace; Kubota Takauki; Stoll John

Taglines: THE Brother Man in the Motherland.
Shaft is stickin’ it…all the way.

Storyline: John Shaft is persuaded by threats of physical force, the promise of money, and the lure of a pretty tutor, to assume the identity of a native-speaking itinerant worker in Africa. His job is to help break a racket that is smuggling immigrants into Europe then exploiting them. But the villains have heard that he is on his way.

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