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Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment

Year: 1981

Genres: Comedy,Musical

Countries: USA

Votes: 1852

Rating: 5.4

Cast: Bedden Perry; Charleson Ray; Collins Rufus; De Young Cliff; Dennen Barry; Gray Charles; Humphries Barry; John David; Lipinski Eugene; Malcolm Christopher; Martin Gary; Mayall Rik; Newson Jeremy; O’Brien Richard; Piro Sal; Redwood Manning; Shail Gary; Waugh Donald; Brantley Betsy; Campbell Nell; Claire Imogen; Harper Jessica; Johnson Darlene; Quinn Patricia; Raebeck Wendy; Renay Sinitta; Toeman Claire; Wax Ruby; Adler Lou; Goldstone John; White Michael; Sharman Jim; Molloy Mike; Hartley Richard; Blane Sue; Bedford Richard; Birmingham Andy; Chapman Graham; Clarke Marilyn; Gregory Gillian; Sherlock David; Thomson Brian

Taglines: The Home of Happiness
Trust Me, I’m A Doctor.
One From The Vault!
It’s Not A Sequel… It’s Not A Prequel… It’s An Equal
From The Creators Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Storyline: Following on from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, this musical is set several years later in Brad and Janet Majors’ hometown – which has become a giant TV station; residents are either participants or viewers. They are married now, but their romance has fallen on the rocks. Ostensibly to fix their marriage, Brad is imprisoned on the program “Dentonvale” (the local mental hospital) while Janet is conscripted to become a new star. As Janet is entranced by the high life, she forgets Brad. Who is trying to woo her away?
Following six years after The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a musical continues the adventures of Brad and Janet, now married, back home in Denton which has been turned into a giant TV station. Residents are either participants or viewers of the shows. Brad is imprisoned in “Dentonvale”, the local mental hospital while Janet is to become a huge star. Who is trying to woo Janet away?

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