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Sissi – Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin

Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin

Year: 1957

Genres: Drama,History,Romance

Countries: Austria

Votes: 1165

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Bцhm Karlheinz; Ehmann Karl; Ferigo Johannes; Fochler Karl; Frey Erik; Knuth Gustav; Knuth Klaus; Meinrad Josef; Menschik Josef; Neusser Peter; Nikowitz Erich; Prikopa Herbert; Regelsberger Walter; Reyer Walter; Rueprecht Albert; Steinberg Frank; Unterkircher Hans; von Jordan Egon; Waschmann Edi; Wegrostek Oskar; Wieland Guido; Ziegler Hans; Augustin Eve; Baxevanos Chariklia; Degischer Vilma; Franz Uta; Gabor Ida; Holzleitner Inge; Hubert Dolores; Jesch Helga; Krumml Ursula; Lauterbцck Helene; Leier Silvia; Neff Dorothea; Nejedly Sussie; Oberleitner Ingrid; Parisi Franca; Schneider Magda; Schneider Romy; Sorel Sonia; Stanzel Brigitte; Treichler Brigitte; von Almassy Susanne; Wengraf Senta; Ehrlich Karl; Marischka Ernst; Mondi Bruno; Profes Anton; Bei Leo; Gerdago; Srp Alfred; Schmidt-Gentner Trude


Storyline: The Austrian empress enjoys traveling trough Hungary, where she ultimately finds the politically priceless affection of local count Andrassy too intimate, but it’s only temporary relief from the frustrations of court life in Vienna, where dutiful Franz remains chained to his desk and leaves his chillingly strict mother Sophie interfering, even in the upbringing of their daughter. When Sissi is diagnosed with plausibly fatal tuberculosis and Franz has to allow Sophie to remove their daughter on doctor’s warning, Sissi is in danger of losing the will to live while exiled to recovery-inducing climates (Portuguese Madeira and Greek Corfu). Then desperately needed psycho-somatic therapy appears in the form of her indestructibly positive mother Ludovika of Bavaria, who lovingly nurses both her sickness and her taste for life on idyllic walks. Once again Oberst Bцckl, the clumsy body-guard whose doting admiration for the empress borders on the improper, provides a comical note, as each time Sissi moves he struggles with the local language and falls in love with his private teacher. Finally she is well enough to rejoin her husband on an official visit to Venice, part of Austrias remaining possessions in Northern Italy, where nationalism prepares the Habsburg sovereigns a hostile welcome which may even start a violent uprising, but the emotional Italians melt for the ostentatiously loving reunion of mother and daughter on St. Mark’s square.

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