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Slappy and the Stinkers

Slappy and the Stinkers

Year: 1998

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 400

Rating: 4.2

Cast: Ashton Joseph; Asparagus Fred; Dukes David; Elfman Bodhi; Gil Arturo; Gray Gary LeRoi; Hutchinson Tim; Klein Spencer; Lawless Rick; Lindner Carl Michael; McMurray Sam; Middleton Thomas H.; Olson Richard Taylor; Pinchot Bronson; Rudnick Craig; Slavin Jonathan; Tedford Travis; Wong B.D.; Coolidge Jennifer; Donnelly Jamie; Garber Terri; Howard Barbara; Pomers Scarlett; Remez Jill; Vain Marina; Walters Terry; Chang Martha; Gray II Gary Leroi; Sheinberg Bill; Sheinberg Jonathan; Sheinberg Sid; Weisler Michele; Wolterstorff Robert; Scott Mike; Maibaum Paul; Safan Craig; Burrows Jami; Kellman Barnet; Wishengrad Jeff; Adami Nellie; Beam Melody; Bennett Bonnie; Bohanan Keith; Brickland Kimberly; Collins Lisa; Collins Scott Edward; Cosgrove Jason; Fors John; Foulkes Robert; Malcom-Smith Susan; Oumi Darryl; Sandoval Lapacazo M.; Siman Virginia; Stern Jack; Cristante Ivo

Taglines: Stinkers Rule! Others Drool!
Five Kids. One Sea-Lion. No Rules.

Storyline: Five 2nd-grade kids who don’t follow strict rules by their school principal Brinway are dubbed “Stinkers” by him. On the class visit to an aquarium the Stinkers decide that a sea lion called Slappy doesn’t feel too good there, “free” him, and plant him into Brinway’s hot-tub.

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