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Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

Year: 1977

Genres: Action,Thriller,Drama

Countries: New Zealand

Votes: 331

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Binns Tom; Cameron Ron; Collison Rod; Dee Laurie; Donaldson Cass; Fawsey Norman; Hoff Pat; Hunt Les; Irving Raf; Johnson Bill; Juliff Bill; Kearns Bernard; Moody Bernard; Moss Richard; Mune Ian; Neill Sam; Oakley Roger; Oates Warren; Parkinson Chris; Rowell Peter; Scott Clyde; Selwyn Don; Smith Ken; Stevenson Dougal; Tinirau Tommy; Watkin Ian; Akersten Donna; Donaldson Melissa; Duke Shirley; McKegg Dorothy; Rowe Nevan; Whitehouse Davina; Donaldson Roger; Parr Larry; Baysting Arthur; Stead Christian K.; Seresin Michael; Brown Mathew; Calder David; Grindlay Murray; McLennan Lesley; McLeod Craig; John Ian; Cottrell Mickey


Storyline: Recluse Smith (Sam Neill) is drawn into a revolutionary struggle between guerillas and right-wingers in New Zealand. Implicated in a murder and framed as a revolutionary conspirator, Smith tries to maintain an attitude of non-violence while caught between warring factions.

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