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Smiley Face 2007

Smiley Face

Year: 2007

Directors: Gregg Araki

Genres: Fantasy,Comedy

Countries: Germany,USA

Votes: 6

Rating: 5.70

Cast: Jane F.: Anna Faris; Himself (voice): Roscoe Lee Browne; Steve the Roomate: Danny Masterson; Agent: Ben Falcone; Steve the Dealer: Adam Brody; Bus Driver: Brian Posehn; Angry Face: Rick Hoffman; Bobby (as Matthew Evans): Matthew J. Evans; Bus Passenger: Davenia McFadden; Security Guard (as Joey Coco Diaz): Joey Diaz; Casting Assistant: Jim Rash; Actress in Waiting Room: Jayma Mays; Casting Director: Jane Lynch; Brevin: John Krasinski; Man with Weird Beard: Kai Cofer; Officer Jones: Michael Shamus Wiles; Shirley: Marion Ross; Laundry Room Man: Michael Hitchcock; Man Walking Dog: Robert Michael Morris; Mikey: John Cho

Taglines: High. How are you?


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