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Sniper 3 2004

Sniper 3

Year: 2004

Directors: P.J. Pesce

Genres: Action

Countries: USA

Votes: 566

Rating: 5.00

Cast: Thomas J. Beckett: Tom Berenger; Quan: Byron Mann; William Avery: Denis Arndt; Paul Finnegan: John Doman; Captain Laraby: Troy Winbush; Sydney: Jeanetta Arnette; Richard Addis: William Duffy; Tran: Nophand Boonyai; Chu: Dom Hetrakul; Chinaman: Govit Vattanakun; Vietnamese Man: Naraporn Chainin; Policemen: Zawit Subanunt; Policemen: Bangongsak Kansai; Asain Bodyguard: Adyama Isao; Neil Finnegan: Ken Streutker

Taglines: He only needs one shot.
Everyone is a target.

Storyline: Sniper Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is hired by NSA officials, William Avery (Denis Arndt) and Richard Addis ( William Duffy) to perform a covert operation to eliminate a suspected terrorist. The terrorist turns out to be a friend of Beckett’s and the real purpose of the mission turns out to be something other than what Beckett was told.

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