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Sorority Boys

Sorority Boys

Year: 2002

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 7366

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Beaver Mike; Beyer Brad; Coolidge Greg; Daughton James; Denman Tony; Farber Daniel; French Bruce; Furst Stephen; Gross Brian; Grunberg Brad; James Dublin; King Jesse; Leps Christopher; Metcalf Mark; Miller Omar Benson; Murdock Tim; Natale Anthony; Neece Allen; Oliveto Nils; Posehn Brian; Ronat Rich; Rosenbaum Michael; Sanchez Johnny A.; Scolari Peter; Stone Stuart; Turner Stephen B.; Vernon John; Watson Barry; Wickson Michael; Williams Harland; Zsenyuk Steven Paul; Beavon Holly; Blackburn Victoria; Bryson Jenna; Carufel Erin; Coppen Cristen; Evigan Vanessa Lee; Higuchi Kerri; Hull Lydia; Kiper Jessica; LaRocca Angela; Lyons Phyllis; Magee Heather; Martin Nikki; Matarazzo Heather; Milova Julia; Morrison Jessica; Phrommany Steffinnie; Rae Lacey; Sagemiller Melissa; Sciт Yvonne; Shelton Samantha; Spear Susie; Sperber Wendie Jo; Staggs Monica; Stockwood Kathryn; Tate Jodie; Turner Bree; Villalon Jade; Brezner Larry; Fottrell Michael; Hamada Walter; Jarvis Joe; O’Shea Michael D.; Mothersbaugh Mark; Eshelman Melinda; Wolodarsky Wallace; Halsey Richard; Allen Robert; Altman Walter; Ballou Tim; Becker Nicolle; Billingsley Kandice; Boney Doug; Canamar Kevin A.; Conover Craig; Cook Jennifer; Cornell Taylor Marie; Davis John Martin; Earnest Robb; Fraser Tiffany; Gallaghan Rachael Lin; Kinnicutt Melissa; McCracken Chris; O’Connor Matthew H.; Perri Dan; Powell Roger F.; Russell Rip; Savola Jon; Sullivan Sheilah; Tilden Ben; Tumen Marion; McAvoy Edward T.

Taglines: Look Closer (Not That Close)
The only way to become one of the boys again… is to become one of the girls.

Storyline: After three rowdy guys get booted from their frat house, they dress up as women and pledge the “ugly girl” sorority, where they figure they’ll blend right in. In their new environment, the men relinquish their frat mentality and realize how hurtful they have been to women over the years. When their less-than-stunning female forms earn them an invite to a “dog catcher” party at their old frat, they decide to brave the harassment so they can grab the rest of their belongings from the house and make a clean break.
Three friends who live in a frat house are charged with stealing the money they have been taking for a cocktail cruise at the end of the semester. The boys have no money and dress up as girls for what is supposed to be one night. It turns out to be the rest of the semester when one plan after another to prove that they did not steal the money does not work out. In the process they realize that they treat the girls terrible and try to help them.

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