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Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Year: 1979

Directors: Robert Wise

Genres: Adventure,Mystery,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 19213

Rating: 6.20

Cast: Admiral James T. Kirk: William Shatner; Cmdr. Willard Decker: Stephen Collins; Lt. Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu: George Takei; Epsilon Technician: Roger Aaron Brown; Alien Boy: Billy Van Zandt; Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy: DeForest Kelley; Mr. Spock: Leonard Nimoy; Lt. Cmdr. Uhura: Nichelle Nichols; Cmdr. Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott: James Doohan; Lt. Pavel Chekov: Walter Koenig; Klingon Captain: Mark Lenard; Airlock Technician: Gary Faga; Lt. Ilia: Persis Khambatta; CPO Janice Rand: Grace Lee Whitney; Dr. Christine Chapel: Majel Barrett

Taglines: The human adventure is just beginning
There is no comparison
Not owning it would be illogical (DVD release)

Storyline: A strange cloud descends upon Klingon vessels and eradicates them with an energy bolt. The Epsilon IX space station alerts the Federation, but they too are wiped out by the entity. The starship assigned to the case is, what else, the NCC-1701. That would be the registration number for the U.S.S. Enterprise, which has been rebuilt. Thus, the entire original crew you knew from the TV show returns. Although they are prepared to face the entity, nothing will prepare them for the ride to come. The film asks the question Paul Gauguin asks in a painting bearing this name: “Where do [I] come from? What [am I]? Where [am I] going?” Trekkers, note the appearance of Will Decker, the son of Matt Decker, who killed himself in the TV episode, “The Doomsday Machine”. The film can be summed up in a single word: beautiful.

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