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Strip Search

Strip Search

Year: 1997

Genres: Action,Drama

Countries: USA,Canada

Votes: 104

Rating: 3.0

Cast: Alacchi Carl; Bouchard Jean-Guy; Bradshaw Andy; Calabretta Tony; Campbell Andrew; Chaykin Maury; Chou Allan Yuk-lun; Dahan Alain; Do Daniel; Domingue Norris; Gray Mackenzie; Higden Robert; Hlady Gregory; Imperial Brian Paul; LaFortune Roc; McKeown David; Park Steve; Parй Michael; Perron Michel; Rack Tom; Rossi Vittorio; Tang Wei Feng; Wong Houston; Yuen Russell; Besso Claudia; Glass Leslie; Grier Pam; Laurier Lucie; Liberge Sylvie; Menard Isabelle; Milmore Doris; Minot Payeur Gregoriane; Nйron Caroline; von Palleske Heidi; Rossner Danny; Sapse Alfred; Shostak Murray; Tabrizi Alexander; Parkinson Thomas; Gravelle Barry; Lemoyne Eric; Fischer Suzana; Hewitt Rod; Jutras Paul; Abastado Isabelle; Barth Lorrie; Boisvert Dominique; Croteau Michel; d’Albuquerque Manuel; Duong T. Kim Phuong; Guevremont Pierre; La Salle Roch; Majumdar Arun; Michaud Andrй; Michaud Liette; Ohlendorf Tessa; Parйe Rachelle; Pearson Colin; Radford Brent; Reeves Marie-Agnйs; Robin Patricia; Temple Kim; Young Dave

Taglines: She gets everyone.

Storyline: Robby Durrell is the prince of the vice squad. A man who’s seen it all and done a little of it too. But when the enchanting Sela hires him to help track down her stripper-stepdaughter, Robby learns there’s more to Sela than meets the eye.

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