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Striptease 1996


Year: 1996

Directors: Andrew Bergman

Genres: Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 8970

Rating: 3.80

Cast: Shad: Ving Rhames; Congressman David Dilbeck: Burt Reynolds; Darrell Grant: Robert Patrick; Erin Grant: Demi Moore; Monique, Jr.: Dina Spybey; Lt. Al Garcia: Armand Assante; Malcolm Moldovsky: Paul Guilfoyle; Orly: Jerry Grayson; Angela Grant: Rumer Willis; Erb Crandal: Robert Stanton; Jerry Killian: William Hill; Alan Mordecai: Stuart Pankin; Sabrina Hepburn: PaSean Wilson; Urbanna Sprawl: Pandora Peaks; Lorelei: Barbara Alyn Woods

Taglines: Some People Get Into Trouble No Matter What They WEAR.
It ain’t “Showgirls”…then again, it ain’t “Snow White” either!.
A comedy in the last place you expect to find one.

Storyline: Erin Grant loses care and custody of her daughter when she’s divorced from her husband Darrell, a small-time thief. Struggling for money, she is a dancer at a nightclub, where one night Congressman Dilbeck (in disguise) attacks another member of the audience. A spectator, who recognizes Dilbeck and is fond of Erin, offers to get back her daughter by blackmailing Dilbeck. Things do not work out as planned, though.

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