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Suburban Secrets

Suburban Secrets

Year: 2004

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 68

Rating: 5.4

Cast: Cikoski Tom; Fedele John Paul; Feeney Bennigan; Johnson Brian; Jordan John Samuel; Wingenfeld Justin; Davis Andrea; Edison Isadora; Khan A.J.; Kirtland Kay; Mundae Chelsea; Tyler Tina; Raso Michael; Sarno Joseph W.; Morales M.A.; Pink Delicates; McNulty Brian


Storyline: Laura a woman that desired by many people and a famous nude model in New York was living her life perfectly until she received a phone call from her sister Winnifred telling her that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is having an strong affair with their aunt Cynthia. Laura return to her hometown to her sister and her aunt where she find herself in a very confusing position because she began to love Nelson again but she don’t want to ruin the relationship between her aunt and Nelson. Nelson also found himself in a confusing position because there is a sexual relationship going on between him and his sister Judith but he didn’t want to loose Cynthia. Winnifred’s friend Louise want to write a novel about their personal lives but Winnifred want to stop her to save her family’s privacy.

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