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Suspicious River

Suspicious River

Year: 2000

Genres: Drama

Countries: Canada

Votes: 467

Rating: 5.8

Cast: Armour Norman; Bissonnette Joel; Brazeau Jay; Campbell Sean; Davis Don S.; Dow Bill; Jarrett Paul; Lucas Byron; Rennie Callum Keith; Shanks Michael; Taylor John R.; Verdoni Bruno; Wray Dean; Barber Gillian; Griffin Jenn; Keating Katie; Milligan Deanna; Parker Molly; Redmond Sarah-Jane; Tesch Ingrid; Massey Raymond; McAlpine Hamish; Okulitch Michael; Stensrud Erik; Kasischke Laura; Stopkewich Lynne; Middleton Gregory; MacDonald Don; White Sheila; Lee Allan; Bella Renee; Ben Ron Ari; Bohemier Carmen; Brooks Terry; Bukowski Misha; Cervi Matthew; Chaput Wayne; Coe Debbie; Collins Michael; Downe Mary; Fraser Jessica; Frizzell John; Gazetas Michael; Giles Stuart; Gray Ron; Haring Ingrid; Hawes Gary; Jasper Paul; Kaliciak Darren; Knox Una; Kowalski Jedrzej; McDonell Christopher; Meisenbacher Kenneth; Meyers Bernadette; Mokrane Patrick; Moore Keli; Paolinelli Mario; Pico Pepe; Rempel Dave; Rosmini Tony; Roth Elie; Rudell Nicole; Salpeter Adrian; Sdrakas Sabrina; Shellenberg Michele Lee; Smallman Kirk N.; Smith Scott; Wild Gregory; Macaulay Don

Taglines: Deeper than you ever feared.

Storyline: A young, married motel receptionist in a small town sells her body to motel guests, but not just for money. This dangerous other life leads her to a male version of herself, who takes her to the extreme edge, the same place her mother had been before but did not survive.
Leila Murray is a young, married receptionist at a small town motel who is selling her body, secretly to buy something she desperately needs but dreads being given. One October night she meets a man named Gary Jensen, a dark soulmate who leads Leila into deeper water where the past lives and the future dies. For Leila is exercising a darker truth, reliving the passion of her murdered mother, uncertain whether she will survive Suspicious River or indeed, if she even wants to.

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