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Sweet Country

Sweet Country

Year: 1987

Genres: Drama,History

Countries: Greece,USA

Votes: 88

Rating: 5.2

Cast: Alexiou Nikos; Aumont Jean-Pierre; Cullum John; Douzos Steve; Efthimou Christos; Kakleas Yannis; Mavides Spyros; Mylonas Alexandros; Nero Franco; Poulikakos Dimitris; Quaid Randy; Revidis Alexis; Vaneck Pierre; Voglis Giannis; Yakovakis Antonis; Alexander Jane; Coleman Ann; Da Silveira Emily-Rose; Dandoulaki Katia; Ellis Saun; Gavala Yula; Hatzopoulou-Karavia Lea; Hodgson Ann; Laure Carole; Liati Myrto; Nakapoulou Aspa; Papamoschou Tatiana; Papas Irene; Pettet Joanna; Pitsouli Penelope; Tataki Despina; Toli Marianna; Valassi Betty; Alexakis Costas; Kakogiannis Mihalis; Wakefield Yannoulla; Richards Caroline; Bellis Andreas; Xarhakos Stavros; Katsouridis Dinos

Taglines: The best of us fight not because we hate…but because we love.

Storyline: Anna and Ben are settled in rural Chile in the early 1970’s. They are very isolated and their only real friends are two Chilean sisters, Eva and Monica. When Ben is stranded in Santiago on the eve of the military takeover of 1973, Anna is livid…and this is made worse by the fact that Eva, the ex-personal assistant to Allende’s wife, has been arrested by the soldiers of the new Pinochet regime and taken into custody where she is emotionally and sexually defiled. She is released, only to be further harassed by one of her arresting officers, Raoul, who poses as her protector but wishes to rape her. Meanwhile, Anna becomes involved with a Canadian journalist named Paul, who is compiling information for an extensive journalistic treatment of the coup. Anna and Ben organize an escape for Eva, over the walls of a convent to the safety of an embassy.

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