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Taking 5 2007

Taking 5

Year: 2007

Directors: Andrew Waller

Genres: Family,Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 77

Rating: 4.10

Cast: Lincoln: Marcus T. Paulk; Devon: Alona Tal; Gabby Kramer: Daniella Monet; Mark Thompson: Bart Johnson; Danielle: Christy Carlson Romano; Himself: Big Budah; Special Agent George Sledge: Jimmy Chunga; Ritchie: Eric Dill; Mason: Joey Zehr; Scooter: Ben Romans; K.K.: Ethan Mentzer; Hollace: Michael Buster; Pete: Jake Koeppl; High School Student: Jake Fuller


Storyline: This upbeat story features the crazy escapades of two teen-idol worshippers, Gabby (Daniella Monet) and Devon (Alona Tal). These best friends are also the ultimate fans of mega-boy band 5 Leo Rise (played by real band The Click Five). When they botch their high school’s chance to win a free concert, the desperate pair cooks up a juicy plan.

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