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Tender Comrade

Tender Comrade

Year: 1943

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 252

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Fielding Edward; Gaines Richard; Martin Euline; Martin Richard; Ryan Robert; Brill Patti; Christians Mady; Collinge Patricia; Darwell Jane; Forbes Mary; Hunter Kim; Hussey Ruth; Rogers Ginger; Whitney Claire; Hempstead David; Todd Sherman; Trumbo Dalton; Metty Russell; Harline Leigh; ReniŠ¹; Dmytryk Edward; Gross Roland; Bank Gertrude; Campbell R.; Harden N.; Lang L.; McCoy Vernon P.; Merrihugh Mal; Panter Dorothy; Spencer George; Swingley William; Wright Bob


Storyline: Ginger Rogers, a young defense plant worker whose husband is in the military during World War II, shares a house with three other women in the same situation.

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