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Tendres cousines

Tendres cousines

Year: 1980

Genres: Romance,Drama

Countries: France,West Germany

Votes: 549

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Chantepie Pierre; Chatelais Jean-Yves; Fortuit Jean-Louis; Kaetner Hannes; Rambal Jean-Pierre; Rougerie Jean; Tevini Thierry; Vernier Pierre; Bastien Fanny; Dandry Йvelyne; Dechasnel Laure; Dumas Valйrie; Fontaine Anne; Legrand Gaлlle; Mйril Macha; Rein Silke; Rouvel Catherine; Schьte Anja; Servier Elisa; Weber Carmen; Belmont Vйra; Gutenberg Linda; Pflьger Hans; Reuther Georg M.; Waynberg Sam; d’Anna Claude; Lainй Pascal; Lйvкque Josiane; Zibaso Werner P.; Daillencourt Bernard; Trouw Karin; Meyer-Martin Ute; Hamilton David; Bonis Jean-Bernard; Wilhelmi Jan


Storyline: Summer 1939 in the Provence, France: the 14 years old Julien has a crush on his cousin Julia, who lives together with his family in their small hotel. Unfortunately she ignores him, because she’s several years older. Then the hotel guest Charles enters the competition, a slimy twenty-something who lusts for the girl, despite the fact that he’s engaged.
On the eve of World war II, adolescent Julian’s family enjoys life on its southern French state to the fullest, blissfully unaware of the apocalyptic future. Adult relatives, staff and boarders, in part refugees from Nazi territories, indulge in French cuisine and libertine love. When Hitler’s invasion of Poland causes France to mobilize, only youngster, seniors and females remain to run the estate. Julien is now the man of the house, and the most desirable sex partner.

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