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The Accused 1988

The Accused

Year: 1988

Directors: Jonathan Kaplan

Genres: Drama,Thriller

Countries: Canada,USA

Votes: 9716

Rating: 7.00

Cast: Sarah Tobias: Jodie Foster; Kathryn Murphy: Kelly McGillis; D.A. Paul Rudolph: Carmen Argenziano; Polito: Stephen E. Miller; Larry: Tom O’Brien; Attorney Paulsen: Peter Van Norden; Cliff ‘Scorpion’ Albrect: Leo Rossi; Attorney Wainwright: Scott Paulin; Bartender Jesse: Tom Heaton; Sally Fraser: Ann Hearn; Ken Joyce: Bernie Coulson; Danny: Woody Brown; Bob Joiner: Steve Antin; Kurt: Kim Kondrashoff; Lieutenant Duncan: Terry David Mulligan

Taglines: The first scream was for help. The second is for justice.

Storyline: This movie is based on actual events. Sarah Tobias goes into a bar one night and winds up being gang raped by 3 guys. She is introduced to an attorney named Katherine Murphy. Not only does Katherine Murphy want to go after the men who commited the rape, she wants to go after the men in the bar who cheered it on. But Katherine has her work cut out for her. Her client has a past, and that past could be used against her in court.

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