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The Animals

The Animals

Year: 1970

Genres: Western

Countries: USA

Votes: 199

Rating: 2.6

Cast: Anderson John; Bryant William; Carr Michael; Casper Dean; Clark Fred; Cooper Mike; Cox Jack Wade; DeFrance Steve; Dennis John; Hall Bobby; Hardy Bob; Hellman Peter; Hoyle Les; Kendrick Henry; Martin Pepper; Silva Henry; Summers Neil; Turkel Joe; West Bryan; Wynn Keenan; Carey Michele; Jarvis Francesca; Kern Donna; Stewart Peggy; Bakalyan Richard; Cole Norman; Mizrahi Hy; Smith Keith C.; Holmes Rupert; Joy Ron; Hoyle Lester; Tufts Warren

Taglines: They couldn’t be caged… they had to be destroyed!
They took what they wanted! Anywhere…Anyway…Anytime!


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