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The Barkleys of Broadway

The Barkleys of Broadway

Year: 1949

Genres: Comedy,Musical

Countries: USA

Votes: 1023

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Albright John; Astaire Fred; Baron Dick; Boyce George; Brooks Bobby; Chambers Wheaton; Conaty James; Conried Hans; De la Brosse Marcel; Ferguson Frank; Franзois Jacques; Granby Joseph; Hall Sherry; Hamilton Mahlon; Harris Sam; Kilroy Edward; Leary Nolan; Levant Oscar; Mack Wilbur; Martell Alphonse; Martin Mickey; Miller Harold; Miller Patrick; Mitchell Howard M.; Moore Roger; Murray Forbes; Purcell Bob; Rice Jack; Sayre Jeffrey; Simpson Reginald; Steers Larry; Sundberg Clinton; Tannen William; Terrell Butch; Van Charles; Willenz Max; Winter Richard; Wood Allen; Wood Wilson; Zucco George; Andren Jean; Austin Lois; Bert Margaret; Blythe Betty; Brewster Carol; Burke Billie; Carleton Claire; Cooper Inez; Crawford Lorraine; Doyle Mimi; Eby-Rock Helen; Ellis Mary Jo; Flowers Bess; Johnson Roberta; Mathews Joyce; Robbins Gale; Rogers Ginger; Somers Esther; Treadwell Laura; Turnell Dee; West Lillian; Edens Roger; Freed Arthur; Comden Betty; Green Adolph; Sheldon Sidney; Stradling Sr. Harry; Hayton Lennie; Irene; Valles; Walters Charles; Akst Albert; Alton Robert; Jaffa Henri; Kalmus Natalie; Pan Hermes; Ries Irving G.; Romero Alex

Taglines: Joyously Together Again!
M·G·M’s New Technicolor Musical Hit

Storyline: Josh and Dinah Barkley are a successful (though argumentative) musical-comedy team, yet Dinah chafes as Galatea to her husband’s Pygmalion. When serious playwright Jacques Barredout envisions her as a great dramatic actress, Dinah is not hard to persuade.

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