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The Big Sky

The Big Sky

Year: 1952

Genres: Drama,Western

Countries: USA

Votes: 1366

Rating: 7.1

Cast: Ash Sam; Baer Buddy; Beddoe Don; Borden Eugene; Clark Cliff; Cody Iron Eyes; Colman Booth; Cox Victor; Davis Jim; DeKova Frank; Dinovitch Abe; Douglas Kirk; Frees Paul; George John; Geray Steven; Graham Fred; Hayward Jim; Hunnicutt Arthur; Hunter Robert; Hyke Ray; Joaquin Anthony; Lackteen Frank; Leary Nolan; Letondal Henri; Mack Cactus; Martin Dewey; Novello Jay; Randall Larry; Regan Charles; Sanders Sherman; Self William; Star Theodore Last; Wagner Max; Wallace George; Whitley Crane; Wilkerson Guy; Worden Hank; Archuletta Beulah; Coyote Mae Old; Hawks Barbara; Threatt Elizabeth; Vonn Veola; Worden Louise; Hawks Howard; Lasker Edward; Buffum Ray; Guthrie Jr. A.B.; Nichols Dudley; Scott DeVallon; Harlan Russell; Tiomkin Dimitri; Jeakins Dorothy; Nyby Christian; Foа Arnoldo

Taglines: And now…for the first time…comes the towering story of the men who battered down the barriers to the untamed northwest and linked it with a great new Nation! (re-release poster)
The stirring tales of the pioneers who blazed America’s trails were told in “The Covered Wagon”…”Cimarron”…and “Red River”…(re-release poster)
She was a hostage – beautiful, silent, smoldering with hate…her presence lighted the torch of desire…and shattering conflict! (original poster)
Mighty drama of the adventure that battered down the barriers to the great Northwest! (original poster)
Theirs the great adventure… (original one-sheet poster)

Storyline: Jim Deakins is a frontiersman and Indian trader who is making a perilous journey with a group of other men up the Missouri River to get a large haul of furs from friendly Blackfoot Indians. The problem is that they have to get through hostile Indian territory first and they find that they have seriously underestimated the difficulties they will undergo. The large body of men who started the journey are gradually whittled down until only a hardy few, like Deakins, are left.
In the early 1830’s a group of men head up the Missouri river to trade with the Indians for fur pelts. Their goal is to meet the Blackfeet who have been friendly and are keen to trade. Jim Deakins is a member of the group and he is particularly interested in a Blackfoot woman, Teal Eye, who is traveling with the group. But then, so is his friend, Boone Caudill. Along the way they must face many dangers, from Mother Nature and the river itself as well as the fur trading company who want to keep their monopoly on trade. There are hostile Indians as well and slowly the men begin to wonder just how far they will make and whether they stand a chance of returning alive.
Frontiersmen Boone and Jim Deakins join up with Boone’s Uncle Zeb on a fur-trading expedition into the uncharted Blackfoot territory. The expedition’s leader, the Frenchman Jourdonnais, has a plan for succeeding where no white man has traded before: he plans to return a kidnapped Blackfoot princess, Teal Eye, to her people and thus to win their gratitude and trade. Guided by Teal Eye and a crazy warrior named Poordevil, the trappers travel upriver, only to find their greatest obstacle is not Indians, but a ruthless pack of fur traders led by MacMasters and his henchman Streak. Along the way, Boone and Jim Deakins both fall under the spell of the beautiful Teal Eye, and their friendship begins to crack.

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