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The Billion Dollar Hobo

The Billion Dollar Hobo

Year: 1977

Genres: Comedy,Family

Countries: USA

Votes: 95

Rating: 4.1

Cast: Barkley Roger; Beard Steven; Berns Wally K.; Bolczak Ted; Borken Jean; Brando Kevin; Conway Tim; D’John Leonard; Fox John J.; Geer Will; Igus Darrow; Johnson Ken; Lassick Sydney; Lohman Al; Morton Mickey; Myhers John; Roth Nathan; Sivero Frank; Stellone Al; Toomey Jerry; Weston Eric; Carroll Victoria; Clark Sharon; Drake Lisa; Elhardt Kaye; Gerstein Ellen; Tessler Sheela; Williams Lou; Wing Virginia; Adams Jr. Lloyd N.; Dell Wanda; Elliott Lang; McGowan Dorrell; McGowan Stuart E.; Beatty Roger; Goodnoff Irv; Leonard Michael; Fine Avrum M.; Albright Ernest; Bishop Kathi; Branch William H.; Cobin Ro; Eisenmann Charles P.; Green Bonnie; Kennels Ho Wun; Zirn Vera

Taglines: Clear the tracks! It’s a 100 laffs-a-minute runaway as Tim goes tramping with a locomotive and a canine keeper!

Storyline: Vernon Praiseworthy is a clumsy but lovable dope who stands to inherit his uncle’s fortune. The condition is that he travel the rails as a penniless hobo just as his uncle did in the dark days of the depression. That seems simple enough until he gets involved in a dog-napping plot.

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