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The Contract

The Contract

Year: 1998

Genres: Crime

Countries: Canada

Votes: 139

Rating: 4.7

Cast: Allen LeRoy; Auiler Rick; Bell Sean; Brown Stephen; Danalache Sergiu; Dawson Glen; Eluta Brat; Imbault Laurent; Johannes Blair; Jordan Jon; Klein Robert; Legedza Rogert; Matheson David Ian; Nedialkov Valentin; Olver Matthew; Ould Jay; Pavlakos James; Pileggi Victor; Richardson Doug; Saidak Alec; Sharp Christopher; Short Gordon; Sutton Richard; Tassielli Vito; Tedeschini Paul; Tyler Lee; Williams Billy Dee; Black Johanna; de Jong Claudine; Doyle Shannon; Heinzig Susan; Inwood Tammi; Martin Sydney; Spicer Christy; Walder Beth; Khonsari Navid; Seferian Nick; Bascombe K.C.; Ferguson Jay; Farrell Todd; Clarke Leigh; Lazarus Rupert

Taglines: They Killed Her Partner… But Made One Mistake… They Let Her Live.

Storyline: An ex-black ops assassin, Luc, is set up and killed by an up and coming governor because he has information that could jeopardize the governors election chances. Luc has brought up and trained his best friends daughter as a skilled killer and work-partner. She is targeted by the government also, but turns out to be pretty damn difficult to kill. In order to save her life and avenge her life-long friend she must find his killers before they find her.

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