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The Crucible

The Crucible

Year: 1996

Genres: Drama,History

Countries: USA

Votes: 11644

Rating: 6.9

Cast: Breuler Robert; Bronk Paul; Campbell Rob; Cheeseman Ken; Davison Bruce; Day-Lewis Daniel; Gaston Michael; Gaynes George; Grant Mark; Griesemer John; Jones Jeffrey; Lyman Will; Maloney Peter; McDermott Tom; McKinstry Michael; Ochoa Steven; Preston William; Scofield Paul; Streit Alexander; Turner J.T.; Vaughan Peter; Allen Joan; Bella Rachael; Boksenbaum Anna V.; Brodesser Dorothy; Clark Mara; Conroy Frances; Ferrini Sheila; Gleason Mary Pat; Graves Karron; Holmes Lian-Marie; Kilguss Jessie; Lawrence Elizabeth; Lewin June; MacDonald Karen; Maleczech Ruth; Marean Simone; McClure Amee Jean; Melen Charlotte; Nevin Katrina; Peabody Dossy; Peldon Ashley; Pinkham Sheila; Pulkkinen Jane; Reardon Mary; Riley Carmella; Rocha Kali; Ryder Winona; Stanley Taylor; Woodard Charlayne; Levin Mitchell; Miller Robert A.; Picker David V.; Pokorny Diana; Miller Arthur; Dunn Andrew; Fenton George; Crowley Bob; Hytner Nicholas; Anwar Tariq; Aghassi Jeff; Albushies Brian; Allegretto Michael E.; Andrulitis Bill; Beckett Lee; Bennette Diane; Berger Eric; Biggins Joe; Bock Lisa M.; Bolton Melissa; Bush Travis G.; Carbone Paula; Carroll Tim; Clark Regina; Collins Daniel; Conroy Drew; Cook Peter W.; Courser Jerry; Courtney William; Coutts Julian; Cybulski Mary; Davidson Jon; Desrochers Christine V.; Dick Michael; Farnell Dina; Fitzgerald Mark; Frisbie Edward A.; Green Elizabeth; Hall Barnaby; Hanlon Maryellen; Harmony Christian; Harrington Charles; Hermansen John J.; Hollyer Christian J.; Hume Pauline; Hutchinson Mark C.; Kammer Kevin; Kennard David; Kowalchyk Scott R.; Kumpiranonth Namthip; Lowes Barbara; MacDonald James; Marsh Seth; Marshall Ted; McCarthy Susan P.; Messersmith Andrew L.; Meyer Carla; Michaels Rebekah V.; Milstein Jessica A.; Noonan Carolyn; Noonan Patrick; Pierotti David; Powell Alexander; Quam Kim; Ramsey Luke; Raycroft Matthew J.; Reilly Anne S.; Romero G. Cameron; Roussel Francine; Sawyer Lee A.; Seto Selena; Simon Eric; Stein Vicki; Tannenbaum Sally; Timoney Bill; Trent Robert F.; Vachon Annette; VanderSande John B.; Wadmore-Smith Tracey; Warner Aron; Weiske Will; Wilson Brian; Kilvert Lilly

Taglines: Arthur Miller’s timeless tale of truth on trial.

Storyline: The movie is centered around the Salem Massachusetts witch trials of 1692. The movie is based on the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. He also wrote the screen play adaptation.
A small group of teen girls in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts caught in an innocent conjuring of love potions to catch young men are forced to tell lies that Satan had invaded them and forced them to participate in the rites and are then forced to name those involved. Thrown into the mix are greedy preachers and other major landowners trying to steal others’ land and one young woman infatuated with a married man and determined to get rid of his innocent wife. Arthur Miller wrote the events and the subsequent trials where those who demanded their innocence were executed, those who would not name names were incarcerated and tortured, and those who admitted their guilt were immediately freed as a parable of the Congressional Communist witch hunts led by Senator Joe McCarthy in 1950’s America.

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