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The Dudesons Movie 2006

The Dudesons Movie

Year: 2006

Directors: Jarno Laasala

Genres: Action,Comedy

Countries: Finland

Votes: 1257

Rating: 6.10

Cast: Himself: Bam Margera; Himself: Jarno Leppдlд; Himself: Jukka Hilden; Himself: Hannu-Pekka Parviainen; Himself: Jared ‘Evil’ Hasselhoff; Himself: Jimmy Pop; Himself: Steve-O


Storyline: Jarppi “Daredevil”, Jukka “Showman”, Jarno “Mastermind”, HP “Bonebreaker” and Britney, their beloved giant pig, are a group of childhood best friends who over the years have solidified their bonds between each other despite all the broken bones, trips to the hospital and near death experiences. From perilous car and motorcycle jumps to indoor bonfires, The Dudesons always manage to turn the mundane realities of everyday life into laughter and occasional pain – where else could you see a human dartboard or a baseball bat wake up call to the balls? The Dudesons Movie is a story of friendship combined with madness.

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