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The Five Pennies

The Five Pennies

Year: 1959

Genres: Biography,Drama,Music

Countries: USA

Votes: 764

Rating: 7.2

Cast: Alden Eric; Anthony Ray; Armstrong Louis; Baldwin Bill; Barton Earl; Beau Henry; Benson John; Campbell Alexander; Cook Ira; Crosby Bob; Curtiz Gabriel; Daley Ray; DeRolf Paul Francis; Glass Ned; Gray Don; Guardino Harry; Harris Norman Lee; Hendry Len; Herbert Charles; Hope Bob; Kaye Danny; Kerlee Dennis; Lawrence Hugh; Mahoney Mike; Manne Shelly; Marion Sidney; McTurk Joe; Nelson Dick; Nichols Red; Paige Alan; Pepper Jack; Potter Peter; Radcliffe Frank; Remick William; Richardson Duncan; Shavelson Richard; Sullivan Paul; Terrill Terry; Troup Bobby; Vuolo Tito; Whittinghill Dick; Allen Valerie; Bain Babette; Banks Sheryn; Bel Geddes Barbara; Bellini Francesca; Carol Cindy; Cotton Evelyn; Fields Lynn; Gordon Susan; Jocelyn June; Michaels Toby; Peattie Yvonne; Seaforth Hayes Susan; Sweet Blanche; Truex Lizanne; Weld Tuesday; White June; Rose Jack; Shavelson Melville; Smith Robert; Fapp Daniel L.; Stevens Leith; Head Edith; Keller Frank P.; Annan George; Fine Sylvia; Hill Jerome; Jennings Muriel; Johnson Grady; Kern Hal C.; McElwaine Bob; Mueller Richard; Yutzi Dorothy


Storyline: Loring “Red” Nichols is a cornet-playing country boy who goes to New York in the 1920s full of musical ambition and principles. He gets a job playing in Wil Paradise’s band, but quits to pursue his dream of playing Dixieland jazz. He forms the “Five Pennies” which features his wife, Bobbie, as vocalist. At the peak of his fame, Red and Bobbie’s daughter, Dorothy, develops polio. Red quits the music business to move to Los Angeles where the climate is better for Dorothy. As Dorothy becomes a young teen, she learns of her father’s musical past, and he is persuaded to open a small nightclub which is failing until some noted names from his past come to help out.

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