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The Foghorn Leghorn

The Foghorn Leghorn

Year: 1948

Genres: Family,Animation,Short,Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 290

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Blanc Mel; Selzer Edward; Foster Warren; Stalling Carl W.; McKimson Robert; Brown Treg


Storyline: Little Henery the Chicken Hawk wants to prove he’s big enough to hunt chickens, but he doesn’t know what a chicken is. He labels Foghorn Leghorn a loud-mouthed shnook and dismisses him, prompting Foggy to indignantly try to prove he’s a chicken and therefore fit to be Henery’s prey.
Henry Hawk wants nothing more than to capture a chicken and prove that he’s “not so little”. However, Henry’s dad has told him that chickens are actually terrifying monsters so Henry won’t try and tag along… yeah, like that would work. Henry follows his dad to a farm, only to see his old man get beat up by Foghorn Leghorn! Trying to cover his reputation, Daddy Hawk says that he wasn’t beaten by a chicken: “That’s just a loud-mouthed shnook!” When Foghorn confronts Henry, he becomes determined to convinced the chicken hawk that he is a chicken and not a shnook. But all Henry wants to do is go after Barnyard Dog, whom he believes is the chicken!

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