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The Frogmen

The Frogmen

Year: 1951

Genres: Adventure,War,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 420

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Adler Robert; Allan Richard; Andrews Dana; Baer Parley; Bishop William; Donahue Frank; Donovan Ed; Flowers Harry; Gregory James; Hamada Harry; Hardie Russell; Hunter Jeffrey; Hyke Ray; Leeds Peter; Lembeck Harvey; McKay Norman; Merrill Gary; Neil William N.; Patten Robert; Rockwell Robert; Roope Fay; Slate Henry; Smith Sydney; Stevens Warren; Wagner Robert; Warden Jack; Widmark Richard; Williams Rush; Yoshinaga George; Engel Samuel G.; Battle John Tucker; Millard Oscar; Brodine Norbert; Mockridge Cyril J.; Bacon Lloyd; Reynolds William; Jacks Robert L.; Southard William T.

Taglines: UNCLE SAM’S UNDERWATER COMMANDOS! (original print ad – all caps)

Storyline: World War II drama in which Richard Widmark, as Lt. Cmdr. John Lawrence, replaces the popular commanding officer of a group of underwater demolition divers. a crew of fiercely independent studs who hang their proverbial hats in Davy Jones’ locker. The martinet Lawrence tightens the discipline of the unit, making him mucho unpopular with the macho frogmen. Finally, Lawrence proves himself as more than just a stuffed white shirt, showing he has the cojones to keep up with their peculiar brand of the jones, becoming one of the team by fearlessly defusing a live torpedo at the risk of his own life.

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