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The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper

Year: 1969

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 134

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Adams Stanley; Aprea John; Bachmann Conrad; Bassett William; Bieri Ramon; Brown Jim; Callaway William; Cotten Joseph; Flanders Ed; Garrett Roger; Hannibal Marc; Ketchum David; Laskay Jay; Liberman Robert; Martino John; Monica Corbett; Nolan Tom; O’Kelly Tim; Richards Dick; Sandy Eris; Smith Jim; Stone Christopher; Wilder John David; Wong Chris; Baldwin Therese; Bisset Jacqueline; Christopherson Stefanianna; Farrington Wendy; Gambotti Maria; Gaviola Sandy; Gil Pat; Hrushowy Jill; Jones Janice; Marshall Penny; Myerson Jessica; Turner Kathalynn; Belson Jerry; Marshall Garry; McShane Mark; Leavitt Sam; Goldenberg Billy; Donfeld; Paris Jerry; Stell Aaron; Hoffman Bobby; Otto H. Bud; Larsen Tambi

Taglines: the story of a beautiful girl’s lifetime between the ages of 19 and 22
…she jumps from man to man. she is…
Today’s child sheds no tears, has no regrets, knows no tomorrows. Today’s child is Christine.
The grasshopper perched first one place, then another…wherever she happened to land. And then she moved on…
The story of a beautiful girl’s lifetime between the ages of 19 and 22.

Storyline: Christine Adams, at 19, leaves her small town in British Columbia to follow her boy-friend to L.A., where he works for a bank, to live with him and have babies. He’s not keen on a baby right away, so she gets bored and heads for Las Vegas where she talks her way into a job as a show girl. Friendships sustain her in this day-by-day life, and one of those friendships, with NFL great Tommy Marcott who’s now the glorified greeter at a casino, blossoms into a marriage. Tommy loses his job after beating a man who assaults Chris, so they head for L.A. There tragedy strikes, and there’s no place left for her but Vegas and prostitution. Are redemption and fulfillment possible on the Strip?

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