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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Year: 1988

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 9912

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Arquette Lewis; Aykroyd Dan; Bass Chris; Bear Bart the; Bemis Cliff; Bloom John; Bond Raleigh; Candy John; Giatti Ian; Hansen Paul; Healy Brian; Kinsman Christopher; Leach Britt; Maren Jerry; Prosky Andy; Prosky Robert; Thompson Barry; Young Chris; Bening Annette; Deakins Lucy; Faracy Stephanie; Gordon Hilary; Gordon Rebecca; Harris Shirley; Lenehan Nancy; LeRoy Zoaunne; Ortega Debra Lee; Somerville Sierra; Spiotta Christine; Hughes John; Jacobson Tom; Lim Stephen; Schmidt Arne; Spiotta Elena; Waite Ric; Newman Thomas; Vance Marilyn; Deutch Howard; Flaum Seth; Gordean William D.; Alch Pamela; Arthur Jacqueline G.; Block Bruce A.; Calabria Paul A.; Clegg Allegra; Filbert Ron; Fitzgerald Wayne; Garner Jan; Gonzales Tim; Hale Wookey Karen; Harris Cheryl; Kapahu Willie; Kirkwood Shelley; Knapp Greg; Lowry Rick; Neumann Nancy; Ortega Kenny; Peitzman Tom C.; Potts Donald A.; Seus Doug; Seus Lynne; Simpson Jean M.; Trotter Todd; Youngreen Clint; Corso John W.

Taglines: This holiday’s no picnic.
The wildlife is wild, but his brother-in-law in unbearable.
A week in the woods with Roman and Chet: This is no holiday…this is war!

Storyline: Big-hearted Chicago family man Chet has brought his family to a lakeside resort area, and although his wife and kids aren’t quite as excited as he is, Chet has high hopes for the vacation. However, his optimism is sabotaged when his obnoxious brother-in-law Roman drops in unexpectedly, along with his snooty, strange family. Chet and his family try to stay open-minded, but they find it difficult to relax and enjoy themselves because of the constant annoyance of Roman’s presence.
Chicago resident Chester “Chet” Ripley, his wife Connie, and their two sons Buck and Benny are on vacation at a lake resort in Pechoggin, Wisconsin. Then the unexpected happens — Connie’s sister Kate, Kate’s know-it-all investment broker husband Roman Craig, and Kate and Roman’s twin daughters Mara and Cara crash the vacation, having decided to blow off their own plans to vacation in Europe. Roman proceeds to majorly get on Chet’s nerves — so much that Chet is ready and willing to pack up and go home, even as teenager Buck tries to romance local girl Cammie. It turns out that the reason why Roman, Kate, and the twins crashed the vacation is because the Craigs are broke because of a bad investment, and Roman was planning to hit Chet up for $25,000.

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