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The Howling 1981

The Howling

Year: 1981

Directors: Joe Dante

Genres: Fantasy,Mystery,Horror,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 4998

Rating: 6.50

Cast: Chris: Dennis Dugan; Charlie Barton: Noble Willingham; Terry Fisher: Belinda Balaski; Fred Francis: Kevin McCarthy; Dr. George Waggner: Patrick Macnee; Jerry Warren: James Murtaugh; Eddie Quist: Robert Picardo; Older Cop: Kenneth Tobey; Karen White: Dee Wallace; Sam Newfield: Slim Pickens; Lew Landers: Jim McKrell; R. William (Bill) Neill: Christopher Stone; Erle Kenton: John Carradine; Marsha Quist: Elisabeth Brooks; Donna: Margie Impert

Taglines: Imagine your worst fear a reality

Storyline: There is a serial killer on the loose, Karen White is the only reporter he communicates with. After a near fatal encounter with him at a Pussycat Theater, she is ordered to take a vacation. Eddie was killed by Police, but Karen doesn’t want to let it go and discovers that he came from a tiny community in the woods and that’s where she decides to vacation with boyfriend Chris. Big mistake, because Eddie was an outcast of a pack of Werewolves who is trying to keep a low profile and doesn’t want any interviews. Can Karen and Chris escape the village of the wolf?

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