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The Impractical Joker

The Impractical Joker

Year: 1937

Genres: Animation,Short,Comedy,Family

Countries: USA

Votes: 74

Rating: 6.0

Cast: Mercer Jack; Questel Mae; Fleischer Max; Fleischer Dave; Zukor Adolph


Storyline: Betty Boop is busy in the kitchen showing off her usual attributes, along with her cake-baking skills which she displayed more than once, and answers the doorbell to find Irving the Imbecile Idiot on her doorstep. After enduring several practical jokes at the hands of Irving, Betty hotfoots it upstairs to the room of Professor Grampy, who appears, we hope, to be a paying boarder, to enlist his aid in dealing with Irving. Grampy, per usual, puts on his thinking cap with the built-in light-bulb that lights up when Grampy gets an idea about how to handle a situation. His ideas always involve a Rube-Goldberg machine-device of some kind, and he uses them against Irving. But the last joke is still on Betty and Grampy.
As Betty Boop ices a cake for Grampy, her obnoxious cousin Irving stops by the house to pay a most unwelcome visit. She endures several of his unfunny practical jokes, including a fake hand that squirts water in her face, a phony box of candy with a jack-in-the-box devil inside, and pipe smoke that turns into a snake. Once she has had enough, she enlists Grampy’s help in ridding her of this pest. Grampy puts on his thinking cap, which allows him to come up with a series of gags that cause Irving’s practical jokes to backfire on him. For instance, the hotfoot intended for Grampy becomes a hot seat for Irving, and so on. Soon, Irving is desperate to get out as everything in Grampy’s contraption-filled room proves to be booby trapped.

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