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The Last House on Dead End Street

The Last House on Dead End Street

Year: 1977

Genres: Horror

Countries: USA

Votes: 677

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Cooper Alan; Fisher Ken; Jensen Paul M.; Neilsen Howard; Pixley Edward E.; Rouse Ken; Schlageter Bill; Sweet Steve; Watkins Roger; Bernstein Nan L.; Canestro Pat; Curtin Kathy; Ellis Doreen; McGraw Barb; Neumeyer Suzie; Roberts Helene; Tucker Nora; Vrooman Nancy; Whitcomb Kevin

Taglines: You bet your ass this is for real!
It Will Scare You To Death
It’s only a movie!
It’s back! The evil that had you screaming… it’s only a movie!
Cult Classic

Storyline: After serving 1 year in jail a guy decides to repay the society by making some snuff-films. Four people are captured, tied up and held as material for his project. One by one they are killed in scenes for the camera. A woman has her limbs sawn of while he keep her concious. Another victim is killed by a power drill.

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