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The Little Death

The Little Death

Year: 1996

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 124

Rating: 5.3

Cast: Atkinson Fort; Beymer Richard; Burke Solomon; Corazon Carlo; Di Mascio Jr. Angelo; Fraser Brent David; Hall Philip Baker; Holden Michael; Kelly Kevin Patrick; Landon Jr. Hal; Lauren Greg; Moffett D.W.; Montgomery Jr. Dan; Montie Gil; Stavola Charlie; Symons Kevin; Walsh J.T.; Williams Ellis; Williams Johnny; Yoakam Dwight; Beyer Troy; Dunn Kathleen S.; Garfield Julie; Gidley Pamela; Knolle Sierra; Momberger Hilary; Peterson Robyn; Stock-Poynton Amy; Strubbe Kristl; Voland Bonnie; Burg Mark; Dubinet Ann; Genetti Dan; Morrow Carrie; Zarpas Chris; Bogner Nicholas; Phillips David; Tyng Christopher; Melgaard Mimi; Verheyen Jan; Gutowski Joseph; Baldwin Wenden K.; Beyer Ryan J.; Cadman Anne; Cole Todd; Gurtiza Jane; Kubes Gaelyn; Lonsdale Janet; Peralta Tony; Sipantzi Sabrina; Swinton Marsha L.; Ganz Armin

Taglines: A little betrayal, a little lust… a lot of danger.

Storyline: A photographer obsessed with a wealthy man’s beautiful wife kills her jealous husband in self-defense. The deceased man’s down-and-out musician son soon is drawn in by his sexy stepmother who, unbeknownst to him, is scheming to collect the entire estate.

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