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The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer

Year: 1953

Genres: Comedy,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 1613

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Alexander Richard; Ames Jimmy; Anderson Robert; Arnaz Desi; Baldwin Walter; Blake Oliver; Boyd Dallas; Call John; Conaty James; Dearing Edgar; Dearing Sayre; Farnum Franklyn; Freed Bert; Gerstle Frank; Grant A. Cameron; Herbert Charles; Kerr Donald; Kino Robert; Kruschen Jack; Lally Mike; Leavitt Norman; Lee Alan; Lee Rudy; Leeds Peter; Logan John; Lukas Karl; McNear Howard; Moorhouse Bert; Moriyama Rollin; Murray Forbes; Nicoletti Louis; Olsen Christopher; Olsen Moroni; Parnell Emory; Rich Phil; Ross Dennis; Vigran Herb; Vogan Emmett; Wood Wilson; Wright Howard; Wynn Keenan; Ball Lucille; Bert Margaret; Blake Madge; Carr Geraldine; Ellis Juney; Hurlbut Gladys; Lee Ruth; Main Marjorie; McDevitt Ruth; Needles Ellanora; Neumann Dorothy; Sackett Janet; Sackett Judy; Sheehan Perry; Skinner Edna; Van Connie; Warren Ruth; Berman Pandro S.; Goodrich Frances; Hackett Albert; Twiss Clinton; Surtees Robert; Deutsch Adolph; Rose Helen; Minnelli Vincente; Webster Ferris

Taglines: America’s No. 1 Favorites Funnier than Ever on the Screen!
M-G-M’s Miles Of Smiles! And In Color Too!

Storyline: Nicky and Tacy are going to be married. Nicky wants to save up money for a house, but Tacy dreams of starting off with their own home on wheels–a trailer. After the two are hitched, they hitch up their trailer and begin their honeymoon. The humor comes from several disastrous adventures the couple has while traveling including Tacy’s awkward attempt to cook dinner in a moving trailer, and a cliffhanging ride through the mountains that nearly destroys their marriage.

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