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The Mask of Dimitrios

The Mask of Dimitrios

Year: 1944

Genres: Crime,Drama,Film-Noir,Mystery

Countries: USA

Votes: 959

Rating: 7.3

Cast: Abbott John; Andre Charles; Barnett Vince; Basch Felix; Bleifer John; Blue Monte; Ciannelli Eduardo; De Ravenne Ray; Deloro Carl; Essler Fred; Fields Eddie; Filauri Antonio; Francen Victor; Geray Steven; Golubeff Gregory; Gorss Sol; Greenstreet Sydney; Helmers Peter; Hoffman David; Hyans Eddie; Katch Kurt; Lackteen Frank; Licho Adolf E.; Lorre Peter; Martell Alphonse; Mehra Lal Chand; Mercier Louis; Metaxa Georges; Molnar Jules; Mylong John; Neubert Carl; Paix Alfred; Palm Walter; Pipitone Nino; Regas Pedro; Renavent Georges; Rock Philip; Scott Zachary; Snegoff Leonid; Stewart Rola; Thompson Nick; Van Antwerp Albert; Visaroff Michael; Windheim Marek; Bates Florence; Crossley Hella; D’Antonio Carmen; Emerson Faye; Holland Rita; Hoshelle Marjorie; Landa Mary; Palfi Andor Lotte; Blanke Henry; Warner Jack L.; Ambler Eric; Gruber Frank; Edeson Arthur; Deutsch Adolph; Negulesco Jean; Richards Frederick; Daugherty Herschel; Hogan Louanne; Kadri Michael D.

Taglines: The Fabulous Tale OF A MAN OF MYSTERY!

Storyline: A mystery writer named Leyden is intrigued by the tale of notorious criminal Dimitrios Makropolous, whose body was found washed up on the shore in Istanbul. He decides to follow the career of Dimitrios around Europe, to learn more about the man. Along the way, he is joined by mysterious Mr. Peters, who has his own motivation.
Dutch mystery writer Cornelius Leyden is vacationing in Istanbul when he makes the acquaintance of Turkish Police Colonel Haki, a fan of his books. Haki makes Leyden aware that he is currently investigating the murder of Greek master criminal Dimitrios Makrpouloss, whose murdered body has just washed ashore on a beach in the Bosphorous. Never having seen a murdered body. Leyden accepts Haki’s invitation to view it before cremation. Although repulsed by the corpse, he becomes fascinated by Haki’s tale of Dimitrios sordid career as he rose from petty crime, smuggling and murder to blackmail and political assassination. Following Haki’s leads, his investigations lead him to such varied cities as Athens, Sofia, Geneva, and Paris, where he interviews Dimitrios’ former mistress, who doesn’t rise until ten in the evening, and the urbane, aristocratic cat-fancier, who hired Dimitrios to steal state secrets. During his travels Leyden becomes friendly with Mr. Peters, an idiosyncratic three hundred pound Englishman who seems more obsessed with Makropoulos than Leyden. Peters, who was betrayed by Dimitrios years before, is eager to take revenge on his former partner, and he forms a alliance with the writer to track down and blackmail the enigmatic criminal, a very high risk enterprise.

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