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The New World 2005

The New World

Year: 2005

Directors: Terrence Malick

Genres: History,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Biography

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 33

Rating: 6.90

Cast: Captain Smith: Colin Farrell; Pocahontas: Q’orianka Kilcher; Captain Newport: Christopher Plummer; John Rolfe: Christian Bale; Powhatan: August Schellenberg; Opechancanough: Wes Studi; Wingfield: David Thewlis; Captain Argall: Yorick van Wageningen; Tomocomo: Raoul Trujillo; Rupwew: Michael Greyeyes; Parahunt: Kalani Queypo; Ben: Ben Mendelsohn; Selway: Noah Taylor; Lewes: Brian F. O’Byrne; Robinson: Ben Chaplin; Emery: Jamie Harris; Mary: Janine Duvitski; Eddie: Eddie Marsan; Ackley: Joe Inscoe; James: Jake Curran

Taglines: Once discovered, it was changed forever

Storyline: When 17th century explorer John Smith and a few men go up the river to trade with the Indians, he befriends the princess Pocahontas and they fall in love. While in love, Smith must obtain his duties as president of Jamestown fort and challenges to himself what is the better path for himself to take: stay with the fallen apart colony or go up the river and love Pocahontas in the wild. The Indians realize that the English do not mean to leave, so they attack. A few men at the fort decide to capture Pocahontas as a hostage so the Indians will not attack them. Smith is ordered to leave Jamestown by the King, and John Rolfe, a wealthy tobacco planter arrives at the fort. Pocahontas, now living there adapts to the English cultures and falls in love with Rolfe. She falls apart deciding who she is dedicated to, Smith or Rolfe. Written by Real_Country_Dark

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