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The Ninth Gate 1999

The Ninth Gate

Year: 1999

Directors: Roman Polanski

Genres: Fantasy,Mystery,Horror,Thriller

Countries: Spain,USA,France

Votes: 34884

Rating: 6.50

Cast: Dean Corso: Johnny Depp; Liana Telfer: Lena Olin; Bernie: James Russo; The Girl: Emmanuelle Seigner; Witkin: Allen Garfield; Victor Fargas: Jack Taylor; Boris Balkan: Frank Langella; Baroness Kessler: Barbara Jefford; Pablo & Pedro Ceniza/1st & 2nd Workmen: Josй Lуpez Rodero; Old Man’s Son: Joe Sheridan; Liana’s Bodyguard: Tony Amoni; Andrew Telfer: Willy Holt; Old Man: Jacques Dacqmine; Daughter-In-Law: Rebecca Pauly; Concierge: Catherine Benguigui

Taglines: Every book has a life of its own…
Leave the unknown alone
The only thing more terrifying than searching for the Devil… is finding him.
Basada en la novela de Arturo Pйrez Reverte: El Club Dumas.

Storyline: The sleazy book dealer Corso (Depp) is hired by the obscure obsessive Balkan to find the only other two copies of his rare book in existence. The book is called ‘The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows’, and Balkan wants to authenticate his copy of this 17th century occult work, said to have been written by the devil. And thus begins an almost ‘Angel heart’ish (remember that one with Rourke and De Niro) escapade, filled with physical and supernatural catalysts and obstacles

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