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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

Year: 1970

Genres: Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Thriller

Countries: UK

Votes: 3444

Rating: 7.3

Cast: Anthony Philip; Armitage Graham; Atom Charlie Young; Balfour Michael; Benda Kenneth; Blakely Colin; Carroll Martin; Cawdron Robert; Copeland James; Francis Eric; Garrie John; Gatrell John; Hansard Paul; Hassan Ismed; Holloway Stanley; James Godfrey; Kiss Atom Teddy; Lee Christopher; Madden Peter; McCrindle Alex; Reeves Kynaston; Revill Clive; Ross Philip; Rуzsa Miklуs; Scott John; Shearer Willie; Stephens Robert; Thornton Frank; Brahms Penny; De La Haye Ina; Handl Irene; Head Marilyn; Hunter Sheena; Kerr Annette; Lacey Catherine; Lingham Wendy; Matisse Anna; Maureen Mollie; Page Geneviиve; Riggs Daphne; Spooner Judy; Spooner Tina; Toumanova Tamara; Diamond I.A.L.; Wilder Billy; Conan Doyle Arthur; Challis Christopher; Harris Julie; Walter Ernest; Binder Maurice; Blair David; Lester Henry E.; Nightingale Ivo; Schreyeck Elaine; Trauner Alexandre

Taglines: What you don’t know about Sherlock Holmes has made a great motion picture. [USA Theatrical]
Everyone knows about the lightning-quick mind, the dazzling wit, the magnifying glass. But what about the little glass vials he so cunningly kept hidden. And what about the security blunder that almost cost the British Empire its navy. And what about the woman who spent the night with him. [USA Theatrical]
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Anything But Elementary. [USA Theatrical]
It took a genius to cover up Sherlock Holme’s vices, blunders, and bizarre tastes. Sherlock Holmes was a genius.
The world’s greatest detective tackles his toughest case !
My private life is my own affair

Storyline: Director Billy Wilder adds a new and intriguing twist to the personality of intrepid detective Sherlock Holmes. One thing hasn’t changed however: Holmes’ crime-solving talents. Holmes and Dr. Watson take on the case of a beautiful woman whose husband has vanished. The investigation proves strange indeed, involving six missing midgets, villainous monks, a Scottish castle, the Loch Ness monster, and covert naval experiments. Can the sleuths make sense of all this and solve the mystery?
Sherlock Holmes becomes involved in the case of Gabrielle Valladon when the young woman is fished out of the river and brought to 221b Baker Street by a cabbie. She’s quite beautiful and doesn’t really remember who she is or why she mentioned Holmes’ name when found. Using his deductive powers, Holmes determines she is Belgian and having retrieved her luggage from Victoria station, that she had only recently arrived on the boat train. She came to England looking for her husband and has no idea how she ended up in the river. Soon however, the case becomes more complex when Holmes’ brother Mycroft warns him to stay away and that it involves the security of realm. Undaunted, Holmes, Watson and Gabrielle follow the trail of clues and are soon in Inverness where they encounter both a troop of missing midgets – a case Holmes had earlier turned down – and have an encounter with the Loch Ness monster. Brother Mycroft also has some unexpected information for his brother.

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