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The Promise

The Promise

Year: 1979

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 255

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Balchowsky Max; Collins Stephen; Gammell Robin; Gilbert Mickey; Graham Mark; Hirschfeld Robert; Leegant Dan; Loftin Carey; Luckinbill Laurence; Newman Alan; O’Hare Michael; O’Neill Tom; Prince William; Ryan Paul; Vick John Allen; Walter Jerry; Besch Bibi; De Hetre Katherine; Prescott Kirchy; Quinlan Kathleen; Straight Beatrice; Friedman Tully; Heller Paul M.; Monley Eva; Weintraub Fred; White Garry Michael; Woolsey Ralph; Shire David; Bernay Lynette; Cates Gilbert; Berger Peter E.; Bozman Ronald M.; De Labio Richard; Griffin Peggy; Kenney Marie; Parfrey Adam; Stitch Lee; Weisband Phyllis; Sandell William

Taglines: A haunting story of love and betrayal.

Storyline: Two college students, one from a rich background, and the other from a poor one, decide to elope. They are involved in a serious car wreck, with the young girl’s face severely injured. In order to get the necessary surgery, the mother of the young man injured in the accident offers a deal to the young woman – to stay out of her son’s life permanently, and in return, get the plastic surgery to restore her face. What comes after that is something none of them expected.

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