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The Puppet Masters 1994

The Puppet Masters

Year: 1994

Directors: Stuart Orme

Genres: Horror,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 2422

Rating: 5.60

Cast: Alex Holland: Keith David; Andrew Nivens: Donald Sutherland; General Morgan: Marshall Bell; Viscott: Gerry Bamman; Greenberg: Nicholas Cascone; Culbertson: Sam Anderson; Ressler: Yaphet Kotto; Higgins: Benjamin Mouton; Barnes: Bruce Jarchow; Mary Sefton: Julie Warner; Dr. Graves: Will Patton; Sam Nivens: Eric Thal; Jarvis: Richard Belzer; President Douglas: Tom Mason; Gidding: J. Patrick McCormack

Taglines: Trust No-one.

Storyline: When a flying saucer reportedly lands in rural Iowa, The Old Man (who runs a secret branch of the CIA), decides to investigate. He goes in person, accompanied by agents Sam and Jarvis, as well as Dr Mary Sefton, a NASA specialist in alien biology. They find that aliens have indeed landed and are planning to use their mind-control powers to take over our planet.

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