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The Rescuers 1977

The Rescuers

Year: 1977

Directors: John Lounsbery

Genres: Animation,Family,Adventure,Crime,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 5438

Rating: 6.80

Cast: Bernard: Bob Newhart; Luke: Pat Buttram; The Chairman: Bernard Fox; Ellie Mae: Jeanette Nolan; Rabbit: George Lindsey; Evinrude: James MacDonald; Digger: Dub Taylor; Madame Medusa: Geraldine Page; Rufus: John McIntire; Miss Bianca: Eva Gabor; Mr. Snoops: Joe Flynn; Orville: Jim Jordan; Penny: Michelle Stacy; Gramps: Larry Clemmons; TV Announcer: Bill McMillian

Taglines: Mystery – Fun – Intrigue!
SOARING ADVENTURE from the depths of Devil’s Bayou!
A fun-filled new cartoon adventure!
Two tiny agents vs. the world’s wickedest woman in a dazzling animated adventure!
Two tiny heroes, one big adventure!
A girl in danger… A cry for help… And two marvelous mice who will risk anything to save her!
Two unlikely heroes. One outrageous rescue adventure!
THE PERFECT FANTASY… Two tiny agents take on the wickedest woman in the world!

Storyline: A bottle containing a plea for help arrives at the Rescue Aid Society, an organization of mice from all over the world who’s mission is to help those in need. Bernard and Miss Bianca are chosen for the task and after gathering the needed clues and information, they fly on the back of albatross Orville to the gloomy and uncharted Devil’s Beyou. There, together with Ellie Mae and other swamp folk, they must work together to save a little orphan girl from the evil Madame Medusa.

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