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The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Year: 1939

Genres: Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 4587

Rating: 7.8

Cast: Acuff Eddie; Alper Murray; Armstrong Robert; Bailey Raymond; Benedict Brooks; Biberman Abner; Blaine James; Blum Max; Bogart Humphrey; Boteler Wade; Bradley Harry C.; Bridge Al; Bryar Paul; Cagney James; Carr Nat; Cavender Glen; Chandler Eddy; Clement Clay; Conaty James; Cooke Ray; Corrigan Charles; Costello Maurice; Crehan Joseph; Cripps Kernan; Davis Alan; Dearing Sayre; Deering John; Devlin Joe; Elliott Bill; Elliott Robert; Flavin James; Furburg Curt; Graham Fred; Hale Creighton; Hamilton John; Hanlon Bert; Harbaugh Carl; Harris Sam; Harron John; Hart Eddie; Harvey Lew; Hendrian Oscar ‘Dutch’; Herman Al; Heywood Herbert; Hill Al; Hitler Adolf; Hollingsworth Harry; Holmes Stuart; Humbert George; Ingraham Lloyd; Kalish Mel; Keane Edward; Kelly Paul; Kerr Don Thaddeus; Kerr Donald; Kibbee Milton; Kilpatrick Reid; Lally Mike; Linder Alfred; Lloyd George; Loft Arthur; Lynn Jeffrey; Marsh Charles; Mayo Frank; McHugh Frank; Meeker George; Mojave King; Morris Philip; Mower Jack; Mussolini Benito; Niles Wendell; Norton Field; Norton Jack; Nowell Wedgwood; O’Malley Pat; O’Shea Oscar; Parnell Emory; Pawley William; Phelps Lee; Phillips Paul; Richardson John J.; Ridgely John; Ring Cyril; Rock Warren; Roosevelt Franklin Delano; Rowan Don; Sarno Hector; Saum Cliff; Sawyer Joe; Sayre Jeffrey; Sidney Bruce; St. Clair John; Sullivan Charles; Sullivan Elliott; Wagner Max; Wayne Billy; Welden Ben; Wessel Dick; White Leo; Wilcox Frank; Willis Norman; Wilson Charles C.; Codee Ann; Flowers Bess; George Gladys; Jones Jane; Lane Priscilla; Lewis Vera; Risdon Elisabeth; Williams Lottie; Bischoff Samuel; Wallis Hal B.; Hellinger Mark; Macaulay Richard; Rossen Robert; Wald Jerry; Haller Ernest; Heindorf Ray; Roemheld Heinz; Walsh Raoul; Killifer Jack; Cummings Hugh; Moore Virginia

Taglines: The land of the free gone wild! The heyday of the hotcha! The shock-crammed days G-men took ten whole years to lick!
America’s Most Colorful Era !
1920 . . . Bootleggers, Jazz, Babe Ruth, Speakeasies, Jack Dempsey, Dames, Molls, Easy Living – Quick Dying . . . the torrid . . . blazing . . . wild . . . lush . . . lurid – ROARING TWENTIES ! ! !

Storyline: After the WWI Armistice Lloyd Hart goes back to practice law, former saloon keeper George Hally turns to bootlegging, and out-of-work Eddie Bartlett becomes a cab driver. Eddie builds a fleet of cabs through delivery of bootleg liquor and hires Lloyd as his lawyer. George becomes Eddie’s partner and the rackets flourish until love and rivalry interfere.
In 1919, in the end of the World War I, the G.I. Eddie Bartlett meets George Hally and the student of Law School Lloyd Hart in a trench and sooner the war ends. Back in USA, Eddie is not able to find a job and is sustained by his great friend Danny Green, who offers Eddie to share his cab and make some money working as cab driver. Eddie decides to visit Jean Sherman, who had corresponded with him during the war and is crazy about him, and for his surprise, she is a teenager. In 1920, with the 18th Amendment, the Volstead Act is in force, beginning the period of the unpopular Prohibition. Eddie accidentally meets the owner of a speakeasy Panama Smith, they become close friends and she introduces him in bootlegging of liquor. Eddie becomes rich, meets Jean Sherman again and falls for her. He also raises a profitable partnership with George and Lloyd is hired as his lawyer. In 1924, bootlegging has a grown from individual effort to a big business associated with corruption, violence and murder, and the light machine gun Tommy becomes an important tool in this business. Lloyd and Jean fall in love for each other, and Eddie has a great deception. Later, on 19 October 1929 with the Black Tuesday, Eddie looses all his fortune, and when the Prohibition falls after thirteen years in force, he returns to the activity of cab driver. On the Christmas Eve, when he meets Jean again as a client of his cab, his life is leaded to a tragic end.

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