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The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter

Year: 1926

Genres: Drama,History

Countries: USA

Votes: 437

Rating: 7.7

Cast: Cowles Jules; Dane Karl; Hanson Lars; Herzog Fred; Marcus James A.; Tooker William H.; Walthall Henry B.; Yowlachie Chief; Cecil Nora; Coad Joyce; Corday Marcelle; Gish Lillian; Gray Dorothy; Hawes Mary; Hisle Betsy Ann; Mann Margaret; Moran Polly; Sjцstrцm Victor; Hawthorne Nathaniel; Marion Frances; Sartov Hendrik; Axt William; Mendoza David; Miller Lisa Anne; Northam Mark; Rйe Max; Wynn Hugh


Storyline: In Puritan Boston, seamstress Hester Prynne is punished for playing on the Sabbath day; but kindly minister Arthur Dimmesdale takes pity on her. The two fall in love, but their relationship cannot be: Hester is already married to Roger Prynne, a physician who has been missing seven years. Dimmesdale has to go away to England; when he returns, he finds Hester pregnant with their child, and the focus of the town’s censure. In a humiliating public ceremony, she is forced to don the scarlet letter A – for adultery – and wear it the rest of her life. Dimmesdale is encouraged by the church fathers to demand of Hester the person with whom she sinned.

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