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The Scratch

The Scratch

Year: 2009

Genres: Action

Countries: USA

Votes: 149

Rating: 3.4

Cast: Adkins Jason; da Costa Filipe; Darby David; Forrest Brian; Gervol Magnus B.; Idrissi Phil; Isbell Shiloh; Martinez Vincent; Mather Jeremy; Nielsen Chris; Onyon Christopher; Ortman John; Rice Bob; Ross Dan; Wendall Travis; Carter Heather; Nedopak Kristen; Parker Colleen; Brito Yasmine; Suarez Jorge; Olson Joseph D.; Williams Jr. T.J.; Porter Kyle; Ortega Doug; Calkins Mia; Hodgins Josh


Storyline: Jake, a rookie private eye, spends each day minding a small private investigation office and filing papers. Dying for more action Jake jumps at the chance to be in on a big score. His boss outlines the heist that will make the whole team rich and tells them about a kidnapped computer hacker who downloaded something he shouldn’t have. Therein lies the caper; rescue the hacker and retrieve the downloaded booty for themselves. But things don’t always go as planned. The heist turns deadly when a hidden agenda is revealed leading to an explosive climax of betrayal and revenge.

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