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The Secret Pact

The Secret Pact

Year: 2001

Genres: Thriller

Countries: Canada,USA

Votes: 247

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Beausejour Dominic; Blake Barry; Bradford James; Burton Noлl; Cavalier Jason; Connell Chad; Desmarteau Raymond; Frost Adam; Heard John; Langedijk Jack; Langlais Benoоt; Liboiron James Hayes; Mancuso Nick; Mello Guido; Saumier Jeff; Smiley Matthew; Stone Matt; Strong Rider; Walker Andrew W.; Hassib Maral; Laurendeau Maude; Samson Mireille; Wheeler Jane; Yale Rosie; Zane Lisa; Mathieu Renaud; Wodoslawsky Stefan; Fuld Brian Cameron; Lee William; Battista Antonio; Emmanouelides; Gibbons Rodney; Tarnowski Arthur; Abastado Isabelle; Campbell Andrew; Delaporte Gaлlle; Desharnais Stephane; Lapointe Manon; Laurin Sylvie; Malenfant Daniel; Mathieu Moushika; Matlin Julie; Paquette Pierre; Paquin Simon; Pearl Debra; Poirier Luc; Pominville Serge; Proulx Denis; Riva Isabelle; Ross Sylvie; Rothman Stephan; St-Denis Elsa; Trzcienski Jon; Verna Mahalia; Waltzing Francesca; Young Dave


Storyline: Greg Sherman watches as two men assassinate his parents. He makes a lucky escape and enters a police protection scheme. His new identity, Steven Spencer (Spence), takes him to a prestigious private high school in Montreal. His parents’ killers, however, know his whereabouts, though they do not know what he looks like. The tough but misunderstood son (Lenny Dalton) of a ex-crook is sent into the school under fake papers to find out the identity of Greg Sherman. Spence and Dalton become close after Spence saves Dalton from drowning. Dalton teaches Spence to fight, to stick up for himself against the older boys. They make a pact to always watch each other’s backs. As their time progresses, Dalton’s list of possible ‘Greg Shermans’ wears thin and he finally realizes it is his new best friend, Spence. Dalton must make the choice of whether to follow the orders of the men who killed both his father and Spence’s parents, and kill the only witness, Spence himself. Interesting story about friendship, loyalty, and differences in upbringing.

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