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The Shooter

The Shooter

Year: 1997

Genres: Western,Western

Countries: USA,USA

Votes: 262

Rating: 4.5

Cast: Anderson Matthew R.; Assi James; Bartlett Cal; Delama Neil; Dolan Sam; Donavan Robert; Dudikoff Michael; Hodder Kane; Howell Hoke; Latshaw Ryan; Lawson Eric; Monroe Bill Langlois; Quarry Robert; Sherayko Peter; Smith William; Stevens Andrew; Travis Randy; Vahanian Marc; Walsh Pete; George Libby; Pelley Nikki; Read Kim; Wildman Valerie; Amritraj Ashok; Bursteen Alan B.; Steakley William B.; Giglio Tony; Graver Gary; Mincey Deeji; Zelkin Boris; Fletcher Jonathon; Ray Fred Olen; Hedlund Brett; Avellino Peter; Bogh Paul; Davis Bill; Dolan Jeff; Kadlec Mark; Kunis Marc; Lockett Henry; Long Jesse; Mikita Joanne; Miller Wil; Norton Maureen; Tunney M.S.; Taylor Yvette


Storyline: The story is of a small town in the early west and of a ‘shooter’ of reputation that drifts into it and stands up to the controlling family that runs it. But far from a John Wayne, this hero is caught and brutally beaten and left to die, only to be saved by a prostitute that has also suffered under the hand of this group of desperados. The only one possible to stand up to the shooter is another solitary man who joins with the notorious family although he is deputized as the town’s sherif.

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